In “Polini USA” we are compromised to help you take care of your car. With our buying guides, you will know what to get for your vehicle. From tires and wheels, to engine and electronics, the importance of the right brand can make the difference in the overall performance of your vehicle.

Cleaning and interiors

You can see the care a person shows to their car just by looking to the seats and the overall interior condition. It is important to clean your car regularly, and only with the best cleaners and conditioners out there. Remember to use a special type of conditioner if your seats are made out of pure leather, and use a special cloth for it. Also remember to buy only the ones which are non-toxic.


Tools are an important part of the process of car maintenance, so keep in mind tools like a “Car-Jack”. Having one of those from a sketchy brand, can truly damage your car. Remember, lifting a car can be a dangerous task, and having a good “Car-Jack” you can have total faith in it can make the difference.

Tools such as screwdrivers are always a good pick in car maintenance, and always remember to buy only the ones suited for your type of vehicle.


Is always great to have an option to distract yourself or entertain your passengers. That’s why a good DVD player or a TV screen that has been implemented in your car be a great option. You can also get a portable DVD Player, so you can enjoy your movies while on a road trip with your friends and family, but always remember to keep your eyes on the road and be responsible while you are driving.